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The first time you get inside Wet And Pissy is quite the experience considering how the presentation of the tour page looks. Every week that comes forward, they have done their most diligent duty of adding content plus there are the bonus sites you get also. Membership here is for people who find pissing and pussy the most two interesting things to watch in pornography. As you can imagine, you simply cannot walk up to a gorgeous girl and start pissing on her, but inside this pornsite, things are different.


There are some recognizable ladies you may get into close contact with inside this pornsite and they love golden showers. They love fetish drinking of piss, squirting it high in the air while spreading the pussy. You can search for more models inside using the search functions, all girls are listed with pic thumbnails so that you can gaze at them for a while. They also show the nice shots of pretty pussy for you to check out. You will wonder how these guys convinced the lovely girls seen here to take part in such freaky fetish, but you’ll be glad they agreed to do it.

The layout of the site looks to be the same from the last time we pooped in, and this means a ton of options for you. You get basic info about the models, they let embers also rate the girls accordingly. The tour page speaks of HD material that they have. Pictures are massive when they are in poster size resolutions. The camera and photographer pay more keen detail to showing how the piss comes streaming out of the pussy, pussy closeup, spreading, displays, and so on.

Other things you’ll receive are online slideshows, features for moving forward and back inside the pic gallery, tools for saving jpegs. The pictures appear to be real, un-retouched, natural, and shot by professionals. The colors and lighting of the pictures is superb. Another way to search is to use keywords. The pleasure of seeing HD movies in this particular niche is great, the site provides this. The bodies of the models show you different pussy types, breasts, legs, butts, skin tone, hair color, just a variety collection of beauty.

We talked of the 2 bonus websites that were part of the meal you collect from your membership deal, they are ‘We Like To Suck’ and ‘Wet And Puffy’. The first one gives POV lessons on how sucking cock is supposed to be conducted with enthusiasm. The second gives you pussy classifications that bring three main varieties, juicy cherry, puffy peach, big taco. But what’s most important is that they add hundreds of videos and models to the hundreds of videos and models that you already have. This way, your pile of porn is pretty awesome! Wet And Pissy is self explanatory fetish HD quality pornsite that grows every week. It’s a good deal for those into this niche.